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CVN Vooner Paper Machinery is a design and manufacturing company of dewatering equipment for paper machines. In 1981, CVN Systems was founded to provide rugged oscillating showers and vacuum boxes to clean newer technology paper machine fabrics. Vooner FloGard Corporation acquired CVN in 2003 from Nash_Elmo. CVN Vooner provides a system approach to paper machine fabric conditioning to include the Vooner liquid ring vacuum pump.        

    In order to better serve our customers we are currently in the process 
of  becoming ISO 9001 Certified.    
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We are a one stop shop for your paper machine dewatering equipment needs. On the press section we supply suction/uhle boxes complete with covers or strips that we manufacture in Tennessee. CVN Vooner’s suction/uhle boxes provide the strongest design on the market. We design and build Crockett™ suction boxes for your current machine conditions. Our suction/uhle boxes mount horizontally, vertically, or even upside down. “Complete coverage cleaning” of the felts is delivered from Shenandoah™ actuated and stationary showers, with automated or manual brush cleaning. With over 25 years manufacturing and design experience with oscillating and stationary needle and fan showers for complete coverage wire and felt cleaning we know what a shower needs to do. We also provide shower spray nozzles for CVN Vooner showers or replacement nozzles for showers designed by other companies. Our shower actuators/drivers are highly engineered precision oscillators. We have professional and technical personnel who will assure high quality standards in all of our equipment. We offer an in-house repair program for our shower actuators/oscillators which guarantees that our shower actuators meet like new specifications and high standard of performance. This strategic fabric cleaning equipment is powered by Vooner vacuum pump systems complete with drives and motors, inlet separators with unloader pumps or gravity drop leg, and discharge separators.

If you need to reuse your process water for clean shower water we can design a filtration system that includes our Osprey™ gravity strainer. An all stainless steel Osprey™ gravity strainer can bring final particle size to the 70-140 micron range which is sufficient for most showers. We also can provide cooling towers which are primarily used for cooling vacuum pump seal water to allow the vacuum pump to run more efficiently. Our inlet separators provide vacuum pump protection from process liquid carry-over. By removing the process liquids prior to the vacuum pump, erosion and corrosion is reduced and stable vacuum levels are maintained. Also CVN Vooner discharge separator-silencers provide up to 99% air/water separation while significantly reducing the noise output from the vacuum pump. CVN Vooner silencers are available in carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steels.

In the forming section on the forming wire, we can redesign your hiVac discharge systems, supply or repair hiVac boxes, gravity foil boxes, or drainage boxes complete with polyethylene foil blades and strips, which we manufacture in-house. We can provide all positions of wire cleaning stationary and actuated showers.

As paper machines are running faster than original and mills have changed grades from original, the size of dewatering equipment maybe too small. CVN Vooner can evaluate potential wrong sizing and recommend multiple improvements for the future.

Years of experience and many custom designs enable our CVN Vooner team to evaluate mill equipment, apply new production goals and recommend new equipment with fast return on investment.